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Chickens and Wild Birds

Laying Hens, Fresh Eggs, Premium Wild Bird Seed

Raising a Flock, Easier than you Think

With the right equipment and a little bit of know how, raising your own flock of poultry is easier than ever. A practice that is rising in popularity due to the numerous benefits. We’ve got everything you need to get started.


Fresh Eggs and Poultry Supplies

Fresh Eggs Daily

Stop by and buy a dozen of the freshest eggs you ever tasted.

The fresh eggs that backyard chickens produce beat store bought eggs by miles. You’ll see the difference as soon as you crack your first egg and notice the thick shell surrounding a deep orange yolk. Factory farms produce eggs with thin brittle shells and that hold pale yellow yolks.

Benefits of Raising Chickens

Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with raising a flock of beautiful birds right in your own backyard. Caring for chickens is easier than you may think and the rewards numerous.

~Eggs with higher critical vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids
~Minimal cost and effort to get started
~Most kitchen scraps and waste can feed your flock
~Create rich natural fertilizer for your garden
~Chickens help to control insects around your home
~Build responsibility in children by letting them help

Locally Made Chicken Coops – Amazing Quality

Canyon Lake resident and Master Craftsman, Anton Jani builds amazing chicken coops and outdoor furniture. Perfect sizes for starter flocks in your own back yard.

Wild Bird Seed and Supply

Wild Delight Bird Seed

Attract more local and migratory birds with better seed including Wild Delight Bird Seed.
Premium wild bird food blended to attract only the most desirable outdoor birds including Red Cardinal to Painted Buntings.

Nesting Boxes, Feeders, Waterers

Just about everything you might need to make wild birds call your backyard home. Nesting boxes are perfect for all sorts of birds including owls, woodpeckers, and wrens.

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