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Summer Day Camps

Fun outdoor activities and crafts for kids in a safe and comfortable environment.  Make new friends, soak up some sun, get your hands dirty (sorry mom).

What to expect from a summer day camp at Spring Creek Gardens

Summer day camps for kids at Spring Creek Gardens are a great way to provide fun and creative activities to keep the little ones entertained this summer.  We offer a safe outdoor space for your child to exercise their creativity within and build great projects that they can be proud of.  Your little ones will start their day by interacting and feeding the dozens of chickens on our property and gently collecting eggs.

We’ll keep those little hands (and imaginations) busy with fun themed garden crafts that allow your child to explore their creativity while learning about different plants and flowers.  We also provide a nutritious mid-morning snack and sack lunch for each child to keep up their energy and have fun.



We start the morning by feeding and interacting with the chickens and collect any eggs layed the night before.  The children then enjoy their morning snack before moving on to planting their very own vegetable Garden.  We provide them with a 12” terracotta pot and three vegetable plants.  We also provide all the soil necessary for planting.

The fun doesn’t stop there! After the gardens are planted we provide the materials they need to design and place custom painted rocks markers for each of the the vegetables in their garden. After cleaning up and admiring their work your child will enjoy their sack lunch on the lawns or outdoor seating areas.

  • June 6th & 22nd  |  July 11th

  • $65 per child

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Our morning chicken feeding and egg hunting begins shortly after your child arrives for camp.  After interacting with the chickens we’ll lead the children on a walk to identify any existing butterfly friendly plants in the gardens and hopefully spot a few of the shy insects ourselves.  The kids will enjoy their healthy mid morning snack together before moving on to make their own butterfly gardens.

Children each receive a 12″ terracotta pot that includes three beautiful flowering plants that butterflies find irresistible.  We include all materials needed including soil and mulch.  After the gardens are planted they will be painting a set of small pots and saucers that we’ll use as butterfly feeders to attract even more butterflies.  Your child then receives their own sack lunch to enjoy with their camp mates before getting to show off their creations to you.

  • June 8th & 27th

  • $65 per child

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After drop off, our campers will begin their morning chicken feeding and egg hunting.   After interacting with the flocks your child will enjoy their mid morning snack and perhaps have a few minutes to hunt for dinosaur footprints around the gardens.  Campers will then assemble to begin building and planting their very own miniature dinosaur garden.

All kids receive a 10″ terracotta pot, three dino friendly plants, soil, rocks, and even their own dinosaurs.  That’s right; since dinosaur hunting can be hard work, we will include a number of dinosaurs for each camper to place inside their garden. After clean up, your child will receive their own sack lunch before introducing you to their new dino buddies at the end of camp.

  • June 13th & 29th

  • $65 per child

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Our campers begin their morning with our customary poultry feeding and interaction before collecting any overnight eggs from the flock.  Your child will enjoy their mid morning snack in the gardens while keeping an eye open for any shy fairies that may still be lingering in the gardens.  Assuming that we didn’t find any, we’ll move on to planting our very own fairy garden that is sure to attract the frisky sprites.

Our campers each receive a 10″ terracotta pot that includes two fairies, three fairy friendly plants, soil, rainbow rocks, and moss.  Your child will explore their creativity and build a beautiful home for any wandering fairies looking for a cozy spot to play in.  Our campers will enjoy their sack lunch while anxiously waiting to show you their beautiful garden.

  • June 15th

  • $75 per child

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Campers day begins after drop off with our daily poultry feeding and egg collection.  The poultry interactions, which kids love, will lead us up to our mid morning snack time (which kids also love).  This will provide plenty of energy for their main camp craft, building their own miniature terrarium garden.

We will provide each camper with their very own glass terrarium, three plants, soil, rocks, and ground cover moss.  Little hands plus big imagination equals amazing miniature gardens.  We encourage your child to bring any small figurines from home to place inside their little display garden.  With these finishing touches added it’s time for their well deserved sack lunch before afternoon pickup.

  • June 20th  |  July 6th

  • $75 per child

Register Now – Terrarium Garden


Registration is now open for the 2017 Garden Summer Camp at Spring Creek Gardens. Give your child something to look forward this summer and enjoy the piece of mind (not to mention peace and quiet) knowing your child is spending quality time outside.

Upcoming Events

  1. Weekend Wine Tasting

    April 21 - April 22
  2. Earth Day Kids Craft

    April 22 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  3. Fairy Garden Class

    April 28 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am
  4. Hanging Basket Class

    April 29 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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