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Crafting moments and brewing memories.

One thing’s for sure, Texas, and especially the Texas Hill Country, excel in two delightful arts – crafting exquisite wines and brewing unique beers. At Spring Creek, we’re more than excited to present some tastes of local beer and wine for your pleasure as you discover all the treasures we have in store.

Enjoy a monthly showcase of over 25 different wines.

Enjoy a variety of bottled and tapped beers.

Walk away with a newfound appreciation for our beloved Hill Country tastes.

Uncorking Texas Hill Country’s Wine Secrets

The Hill Country in Texas is a hotbed for unique, flavorful wines, reflecting the region’s rich soil and sunny climate. These local wines are increasingly seen as rivals to those of Napa Valley in terms of quality and character. Notable wineries like Texas Heritage Vineyards and Llano Estacado Winery offer a range of exquisite wines that highlight the craftsmanship of local winemakers. Fredericksburg, home to over 60 wineries, is at the heart of this burgeoning wine country. A quote from Duchman Family Winery encapsulates their excellence: “Our dedication to showcasing Texas’ unique terroir makes our wines not just good, but a true taste of Texas Hill Country.” The evolution doesn’t stop there. Spring Creek has adopted cutting-edge Napa wine machines, enabling us to serve these remarkable Texas wines on tap, maintaining their freshness and vibrancy from the first glass to the last.

How It Works

Load Your Wine Card

Start your tasting by adding value to your Spring Creek Wine Card, unlocking our wide variety of Texas wines on tap.

Choose your Texas Wine

Choose a tasting, a half pour, or a full pour. Each wine includes a brief description to help you select a wine that suits your palate.

Savor the flavor

After choosing, place your glass under the spout, press the button for your wine, and enjoy a perfect pour. Then, relax and relish the fresh, vibrant taste of Texas Hill Country.

Beer on Tap: Taste the Texan Pride

Discover the unmatched flavors of Texas with our unique local beers on tap. As Edward Smith rightly said, “Everything in Texas is best.” Experience this pride firsthand, not just in taste but in the bold, unapologetic spirit that makes our Texas brews truly best-in-class.