The Gathering Haus at Spring Creek

The Gathering Haus: The Heart of Spring Creek

Step into our favorite place to hangout. Here, savor a glass of wine, indulge in a tasty bite, or simply unwind in the serene ambiance. It’s more than a location—it’s an experience.

A place to meet: A welcoming space for shared laughter, stories, and meals.

A place to make memories: A backdrop for unforgettable experiences and enduring friendships.

A place to enjoy nature: Encapsulates the serene charm of the hill country, offering a tranquil retreat.

Coffee Shop

Embrace the joy of a Spring Creek coffee – a It’s the perfect place to put a pause in your day.

Sip, Savor, Shop and Simply Be!

Kickstart your day with our coffee, unwind with a glass of wine, or relish a tasty bite. Fancy a shopping spree or a chilled beer? Or simply sit back, relax and soak in the Hill Country beauty.


Wine on tap

Sip and swirl at our wine bar, a journey through Texas & boutique vineyards in every glass.

beer on tap

Raise a glass at our beer bar, where every tap pours a new adventure. Relish the rich, frothy tales of malt and hops. 


Come savor the joy of a freshly prepared bite – salads, sandwiches, scones, cookies and more. 


Surprise a friend or treat for yourself,  our gift collection promises a delightful surprise for everyone!


Nothing beats a good chat with a friend or a quiet place to sit.  So slow down and take a seat.  

Your Perfect WFH Destination

With wi-fi, air conditioning, and all around good views and good vibes, the Gathering Haus is the perfect location to get laptop things done if you live that work from home life.

Purchase a gift card!

Treat yourself or bless a friend. We have gift cards for purchase that can be redeemed in person at the Gardens.